Beginner Box 

* Briggs 206 Engines only, green slide required.

* These are purely beginner classes. Gen. Managers reserve the right to approve placement & recommend moving
Drivers up in class as their driving skills may indicate.
* Driver must be 4-8 yrs. of age. All drivers must be approved by a Gen Manager.
* All Beginner Drivers must be prepared to submit a copy of their birth certificate.
* A minor release form must be filled out each season.
* If a parent or guardian is not present at a race event, a designated guardian is mandatory for each race.
* Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times when in the pit area.
* Parent or guardian is responsible for the actions of their minor child.
* Nomex Driver Suits strongly recommended but not mandatory. Must comply w/ SFI rating 3-2A5 or better. Nomex Underware
required with a Single Layer Suit.
* Minimum clothing required: Long Sleeve Cotton Sweat Shirt, long Levi type pants, Cotton Socks & closed toe Shoes.
* Fire resistant Gloves mandatory for both beginner class Drivers.
* Nylon or Synthetic type clothing may not be worn while racing. Cotton Garments only!! No Motorcycle gear allowed.
* Neck Roll Brace required at a minimum. HANS, Hutchins or Necksgen Head & Neck restraint device strongly recommended.
* It will be at the Officials discretion on moving a driver up in class based on his/her demonstrated driving abilities.

* 185, kart only.

* Open Tire rule. Any Kart type Rims/Tires.

Fuel Specs:
* Gasoline Only in these classes. Fuel must be purchases at the track. May use 91 Octane or 110 Octane Race Gas. No Methanol,
E85, Oxygenates, Fuel Enhancers or additives of any type. No blending of fuel products. Fuel is a Tech Item.


* Stock 212cc Harbor Freight California approved Predator Engine, right out of the box!!! Run any dry Drum Clutch.

NOTE: Dealers will be responsible for the Engine being legal. You are responsible to make sure official seal is attached and
un-tampered with. Broken seals found prior to qualifying may result in that Engine banishment for the night.
* Must have stock timing. No key or keyway modifications. No altering of Coil Bolt locations. No shaved bolts.
* Factory Spec. Valve Springs only ~ Tech. item.

* Minimum size 26 inches wide by 28 inches long with minimum 10 inch side boards.
* All Karts must have top Wings in this Class.

Modifications Allowed:
* May run any Spark Plug.
* May change the Spark Plug Boot.
* May run any Valve Lash.

Modifications Not Allowed :
* Modify/alter Air Box.
* Remove, alter or leave off Air Filter Foam.
* Drill out/alter any Carburetor Jets.
* Modify/alter Exhaust Header. You may not install E.G.T sensor into the Header.
* Modify Muffler.
* No Valve Spring Shims or altering of the Valve Springs in any way.
* No advancing or modifying Flywheel Timing. No altering Coil Mounting or Mounting Bolts.
* No Carburetor or Restrictor Plate air leaks.
* All Fuel Filters must have one inlet and one outlet. Any and all Breathers must be bypassed by a Tee back to the Fuel Tank.