* Intermediate class, 10-18 years old. Drivers must be approved by the Promoter.
* A minor release form must be filled out each season.
* If a Parent or Guardian is not present at a race event, a designated Guardian is mandatory.
* Minor must be accompanied by an adult at all times when in the pit area.
* Parent or guardian is responsible for the actions of their minor child.
* An operational Raceciever is mandatory for all Drivers so they may receive direction from Officials when on the track.


* 250cc 4 Stroke Engine. No overbore. Must measure 250cc. No Big Bore Kits.

* 250cc 2 Stroke Engine is allowed. Must remain stock for year and model. Maximum circumference on expansion chamber will be held to 14.5" or under.
* No Port Angle changes. No welding of/in Ports.
* No Stroker Crankshafts.

* Right rear 50, any brand. Minimum Durometer reading 48.

* 392 lbs., Kart & Driver.

* 110 Octane Race Gas only in this class.
* Fuel must be purchased at the track.
* No E 85, Oxygenates, Fuel Enhancers or Additives of any type.
* 2 stroke lubrication oil OK. Must not contain any Fuel Performance Enhancers.
* No Blending of Fuel Products in any way.
* Fuel is a Tech item & may be tested at anytime during competition.